Counselling with a Spiritual Dimension
Transpersonal counselling recognises and helps with experiences that extend beyond the normal sense of identity to encompass wider aspects of human kind, life, psyche and cosmos. Creative transpersonal experiences can be used to help with the physical, emotional and psychological understanding of ourselves and others, effectively and with beauty. It has been proven to help people to lighten all sorts of loads including:


spiritual development and growth; help with depression; relationship diffculties; low self esteem; addictions; phobias; help with trauma and anxiety; help with family issues; parenthood; self harming and dietary problems; sexuality; anger; loneliness

What methods are used?

A wide range of transpersonal practices and techniques are used. Together, we agree what are the most helpful and appropriate at any particular time. These methods include alchemy, prayer, creative imagination, getting in touch with the inner child, art, breath and sound, guided visualisation, both static and dynamic, playing with games and toys, psychodrama and mythology.

Are more conventional counselling techniques used?

Yes. All transpersonal psychotherapists and counsellors are taught the key therapeutic and counselling disciplines and use them as appropriate. This includes cognitive, psychodynamic and person-centred therapy. Once more, we agree what is right for you.

Do you provide CBT?

Yes, I am fully trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which can be very effective in helping with the symptoms of depression, anxiety, low self esteem and phobias. I am Oxfordshire Mind's group CBT manager.

What is the investment?

I do not charge for an initial meeting of half an hour in which we can meet, talk about your issues and see if therapy is for you. You are then invited to commit and invest your time to an initial series of sessions agreed at this first meeting (this is usually between six and twelve sessions). We then review progress. Each session costs £70 in London and £60 outside London. I have some low cost places available for people in financial need.


Sessions are fully confidential and in line with BACP ethics and regulations.


I practice in London, Abingdon, Oxfordshire and Evesham, Worcestershire. Should you wish to arrange an introductory session, please email me and I can give you details.

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