Stress Relief Workshop

Relieving Stress by using the Elements

•  Identify what stresses you out, what type of stress that causes and where it is in the body

•  Learn how the elements and alchemy can help ease your stress and aid relaxation

•  Practice breathing techniques that will help anyplace, anytime to ease the tension

•  Become less tired angry and anxious


Modern life is becoming more and more stressful, with seemingly more and more responsibilities and less and less time. We all carry worries and anxieties around with us, whether it be about getting a job done on time, what the boss thinks of us, how the kids are doing at school, how we are going to find a decent relationship or how we are going to pay the bills. Often we feel stressed out or anxious without being able to put our finger on exactly what causes it.

This workshop will help you to understand more about stress, its causes and why it makes you feel the way we do. You will also learn about how the elements can help with stress and be taught breathing techniques that will help ease stress and you to feel more healthy and relaxed.

Stress is a major cause of unhappiness and ill health so learn how to combat it at this relaxed friendly workshop.

I run my stress workshops in Abingdon, Harwell, London, Marlbrough and Newbury. I also run these workshops onsite anywhere in Europe (although in English I'm afraid!) for companies. Please email me for details.
















Shaun Goodwin M.A. Dipl.
Psych. Dipl. Sand.
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