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A range of workshops are available to companies. These combine Shaun's and his team's psychological understanding with their business background and experience to deliver breakthrough learning and sessions.

Increasingly companies are using facilitation for their major meetings and workshops.

Time is money and I'm sure that we all have often looked around the room at a major meeting and thought ‘what on earth is it costing for all these people to be here?' And yet, we also know how easily major planning or strategy meetings can leave managers asking ‘what have we really achieved'. That's why many companies are now using outside facilitation.

Shaun is a facilitation specialist.

Strategic and Planning meetings, particularly if multi-functional or involving different geographies can benefit considerably from facilitation. To sum up the key reasons:

  • With no need for an internal manager to concentrate on running the meeting, all the participants can truly participate.
  • Political or responsibility issues reduce to a minimum, because participants can trust the objectivity of the facilitator, who does not have an empire to protect!
  • As the facilitator has experience of and is aware of cultural differences, misunderstandings can be avoided.
  • A good facilitator will ensure that all views are heard and also that no one hides!
  • The facilitator focuses on the objectives of the meeting, without that being muddied by any personal or departmental agenda; this ensures that the objectives are met without the risk of any sidetracking.
  • When disputes or log jams do occur, various techniques and processes can be introduced to the group to help resolve any issues. At times, companies have as a result opted for a team building workshop which I run, to cover these and help all future meetings. I am not talking about white water rafting, or building rope bridges across ravines here, but practical, effective techniques and advice.

Ultimately, of course, all these factors mean that money is saved, because the planning process does not drag on and rework and duplication of effort is avoided. Well worth the investment!

Workshops available cover strategic planning, team building , time management and communication skills.














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