How Alchemy can Benefit your life

Are you a master, a saint or a prophet?

The ancient art of alchemy has undergone a renaissance recently, helping many people to receive insights about themselves, other people and to receive direction in their busy lives. It dates back thousands of years and has always been part of life in the East, but in the West science eclipsed Alchemy during the eighteenth century. It was Carl Jung, one of the fathers of psychotherapy that resurrected alchemy in the 1930’s.

When we think of alchemy, most of us have visions of men in cloaks with beards and singed eyebrows trying to turn lead or base metal into gold. Yet, if you stop to think about it, what a beautiful image that is – lead into gold – turning something poisonous into something beautiful and indestructible. Alchemy is full of symbolism and this is the most well known. If you think of your worries, anxieties and past pain as the metal, then it is the role of alchemy to transform that darkness into gold, to release you from the chains that we all carry. In this way alchemy can energise your life, spirituality and relationships.

Alchemy tells us that we are made up of four elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Each of us has a different proportion of these elements in our body, which affects us psychically as well as physically. There are also twelve key archetypes, from the Priest to the Sovereign. By working on exercises that help identify our make up, we can immediately better understand why we are the way we are and also why we get on better with some people than others. It can help us to determine whether we are in the right job, help solve relationship difficulties and also guide us in terms of looking after our health and social wellbeing. You can also get guidance as to your spiritual development.

Exercises working alchemically include meditation, visualisation, breathing exercises, drawing, painting and movement. They have such exotic names as moritificatio, solutio, calcinatio and sublemato.

Alchemy tends to work better in groups, with people bouncing off each other, contributing energy to each other and sharing laughter and tears. Just one workshop can have an enormous impact on people’s lives, providing understanding and direction. I try to ensure that my groups remain small (usually six people) so that each participant can have personal attention.

I run alchemy workshops in London and Worcestershire . Please email me for details of the next workshop in your area. Workshops last two days, run over a weekend and cost £220.