Introduction to sandplay

This is a workshop where participants can gain an insight into sandplay and the archetypal and transpersonal worlds that it inhabits. They will also undergo a journey of self discovery and healing. Participants will be able to share this experience with each other in a safe space.

Aims of the Day

I hope to help you to:

· Better understand yourself and others through symbolic work.

· Consider ways to include sandplay in your therapeutic practice with clients, if applicable.

· Gain an insight into Jungian and transpersonal archetypes.

· Relate mythology and storytelling to the human psyche and our shared unconscious.

· Use symbolism to communicate or gain insight.

· Open up your heart and creative capacities.

· Explore family and other dynamics through sandplay.

· Realign your balance of masculine and feminine.                                                                                                                

The sandplay process provides an opportunity to communicate feelings, emotions and life view in an empowered way that does not require verbal articulation, self healing processes are activated utilising creative imagination, leading to a process that unblocks psychological energies, transforming restrictive and narrow views of what is possible for that person in terms of self awareness and future fulfilment.